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Roberto Cavalli Sunglasses - All Around Fashion
By Jennifer Bel

Known for his wild animal prints, the Roberto Cavalli sunglasses line is but a piece to the cosmic puzzle of his creative and outstanding line of fashion. Starting in the early 70s, Cavalli entered the fashion world with an innovative idea which revolutionized the way leather was printed on. Patching denims, leathers, and other wild prints, Cavalli grew both as a designer and as an icon in the fashion industry. Even after taking a hiatus to enjoy life and breed race horses, Cavalli was able to take the fashion industry to new levels in the 90s, introducing sand-blasted jeans, an instant hit. It's no wonder that this would be just as big a hit as his clothing line has been.

With runways adorned with torn leather prints and his signature designs, Cavalli continued to take the fashion world by storm. In 1998, he added accessories, watches, perfumes, underwear, and eyewear to his collection. Continuing with innovations, he opened up a café shop in Florence, Italy, marrying his style and the city's most elegant tea house into one. The successes of the shop lead him to open up a similar café in Milan, and a boutique in Via Spiga. This years collestion can be seen on many celebrities, including LL Cool J, who has been spotted with the Telefo RC 374, an aviator style set of shades that looks great on him. Halle Berry has been caught wearing the Teutra RC 382, a great style for women that has the RC crystal design on the temples.

Jessica Simpson also has been spotted wearing the Teutra RC 382. Nicollette Sheridan has been seen wearing the Cicno RC 223, a stylish design that hugs the fact like a glove and becomes a part of you. Other celebrities wearing Roberto Cavalli Sunglasses include Disney sensation Miley Cyrus, who like LL Cool J has been seen with the Telefo RC 374, but also has worn the Tiresia, an aviator style frame with a tri-split temple design that is outstanding. Another former Disney superstar in Britney Spears has been spotted with the Cercione-RC 299S, another aviator style design with gold mesh. The list of global superstars that fashion themselves with Roberto Cavalli eyewear goes on and on, and with good reason. His innovative sense of style is unlike any other.

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Hottest and Coolest Men’s Sunglasses

Hottest and Coolest Men’s Sunglasses

Fashion, in the times of global economic meltdown, seems to be the last thing on the minds of cash-starved men, right from the financial honchos to the common man on the street. When funds are drying up in the market, the designers are trying their best to come up with stylish, yet inexpensive, men’s sunglasses. Although it’s not easy to convince men who idolize Hollywood celebrity men like Brad Pitts and George Clooneys pompously showing their latest expensive possessions in various film fests, yet the designers are compelled to come up with something that remains stylish and affordable at the same time.

When we think about brands, like Ray Ban, Gucci, Armani, Maui Jim’s et al, the common feeling of ‘yearning’ runs through the veins almost instantly. No matter what the cost of these latest men’s designer sunglasses is, their allure never fades. This is the reason why these hot designer sunglasses command a higher price than the unbranded ones. And this is also the reason why so many dreams are shattered just because they can’t afford expensive latest & hottest men’s sunglasses.

However, if you are style fanatic, you are in for a surprise with inexpensive replica designer men’s sunglasses that are available at a fraction of what the authentic ones charge. These inspired sunnies are made from high quality raw material, which is almost as good as that used in the authentic designer sunglasses. Available in attractive packing, the manufacturers of discount sunglasses take special care in protecting your eyes from the harmful UV rays.

Giving you an identical style and protection at a fraction of the original cost is the USP of these cheap sunshades. Often, people confuse compare to designer sunglasses with fake designer sunglasses. Where the former is almost akin to the designer sunglasses in terms of style and protection, the latter ones do not afford either style or protection, although these may be even cheaper than the imitation sunglasses.

When the inspired sunglasses are giving you so much comfort at an unheard of price, why would you opt for fake ones? The latest and hottest men’s sunglasses style is not too different from that of the last year because of recession-like situation prevailing since the end of last year. This is a blessing in disguise for budget buyers who are looking for cheaper solutions to their expensive desires in the form of inexpensive replica sunglasses. Latest Men’s Sunglasses
Popular celebrity hottest men styles to express yourself, Attitude and Personality with fashion compared to designers. A world of replica sunglasses at cheap price.
By Jenny Richard

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