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Roberto Cavalli Sunglasses - All Around Fashion
By Jennifer Bel

Known for his wild animal prints, the Roberto Cavalli sunglasses line is but a piece to the cosmic puzzle of his creative and outstanding line of fashion. Starting in the early 70s, Cavalli entered the fashion world with an innovative idea which revolutionized the way leather was printed on. Patching denims, leathers, and other wild prints, Cavalli grew both as a designer and as an icon in the fashion industry. Even after taking a hiatus to enjoy life and breed race horses, Cavalli was able to take the fashion industry to new levels in the 90s, introducing sand-blasted jeans, an instant hit. It's no wonder that this would be just as big a hit as his clothing line has been.

With runways adorned with torn leather prints and his signature designs, Cavalli continued to take the fashion world by storm. In 1998, he added accessories, watches, perfumes, underwear, and eyewear to his collection. Continuing with innovations, he opened up a café shop in Florence, Italy, marrying his style and the city's most elegant tea house into one. The successes of the shop lead him to open up a similar café in Milan, and a boutique in Via Spiga. This years collestion can be seen on many celebrities, including LL Cool J, who has been spotted with the Telefo RC 374, an aviator style set of shades that looks great on him. Halle Berry has been caught wearing the Teutra RC 382, a great style for women that has the RC crystal design on the temples.

Jessica Simpson also has been spotted wearing the Teutra RC 382. Nicollette Sheridan has been seen wearing the Cicno RC 223, a stylish design that hugs the fact like a glove and becomes a part of you. Other celebrities wearing Roberto Cavalli Sunglasses include Disney sensation Miley Cyrus, who like LL Cool J has been seen with the Telefo RC 374, but also has worn the Tiresia, an aviator style frame with a tri-split temple design that is outstanding. Another former Disney superstar in Britney Spears has been spotted with the Cercione-RC 299S, another aviator style design with gold mesh. The list of global superstars that fashion themselves with Roberto Cavalli eyewear goes on and on, and with good reason. His innovative sense of style is unlike any other.

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

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